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8,000sqft. heat controlled facility, including a 900sqft. clean room for storage of medical devices and other sensitive materials.   Long term or short term storage acceptable. 
Best rates in Chicago!
  • 7,000sqft. of CLEAN Warehouse

  • 24hr Security Surveillance

  • Dock Level Access

  • Ground Level Access

  • Heavy Duty Freight Scale

  • Racking Options Available

  • Heated

  • 900sqft. CLEAN carpeted storage area. 

  • Security Code Controlled Door Access

  • Thermostat Controlled - (remote access available)

  • Pest Controlled Area

  • Racking Options Available

  • Ideal for storage of Medical Equipment and other sensitive materials.

  • Do you not have a presence in Chicago? 

  • Do you need a location to transload vehicles and store cargo long and short term? 

  • Need your cargo reweighed and dimmed?

  • We offer the best crossdock rates in Chicago

  • Please contact David Wisla at or Connor Heidkamp at with any questions.

  • Short Term staging area for Convention Center Deliveries and Recoveries.
  • Special Handling of Sensitive Materials.
  • Time Sensitive Crossdock - Driver is Guaranteed NOT to wait to be loaded.
  • After Hours Crossdock
  • Safe environment for all of your cargo.



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